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A New JC Penney Ad Apologizes For A Flop Year, Begs Customers To Come Back

JC Penney is about to go through a sea change that will take the retailer back to its roots, from the looks of a new ad.

Released yesterday, the ad comes less than a month after CEO and former Apple retail chief Ron Johnson got the boot.

It's been "no secret" that JC Penney has gone through some changes, the ad admits, some less savory to customers than others. What the ad doesn't mention is these "changes" contributed to a more than $4 billion revenue loss for the company over the year and a half that Johnson helmed the company. Now, with Johnson's predecessor Myron Ullman back in as the head of the company, JC Penney is asking customers to come back.

"We heard you. Now, we'd love to see you," the ad states.

And speaking of heading back to its roots—the ad's end features the "jcpenney" logo, conspicuously forgoing the "jcp" that Johnson's JC Penney pushed during his tenure.

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  • MinnieMe

    When I tried to watch the video, got a message that said, "This video is private."

  • Toddreach

    The Ellen DeGeneres ads, the two Dad's ad on Father's Day, the two Mom's ad on Mothers Day. It's not about doing away with sales promotions. It's I won't step foot in JCP giving support to this kind of crap. It's a Gay/Lesbian store now, and I don't think there's much they can do to change the perception of it now. (And I used to be a regular customer). Sad, but at least they booted the Apple jerk.

  • Sam

    You sound like a miserable human being. Ellen DeGeneres is a Cover Girl, so is Cover Girl only for lesbians? How stupid can you be? The fact that people like you exist makes me sick to my stomach.

  • Johnh354

    I stopped shopping at JC Penney because of their Gay ads and support.  I have yet to see them reject this support, so until they do, I will not go back to JC Penney.

  • Guest

     Well your homophobia is your own issue and has nothing to do with the failings of JCPenney.

  • Saidas108

    Who the heck under the age of 50 even knows what JCP is? It is as relevant as Kmart.

  • kmanns

    I shopped at jcp for the first time in my adult life because of the modern menswear they created with the jcp brand and input from Nick Wooster. Now, the same item that had the "everyday low price" of $14.00 has a regular price of $24.00. I have to wait for some bi-weekly sale to buy it and even then the price doesn't go as low as it was. Yes, that is a great way to "welcome back" someone who was willing to constantly check out your store.

  • re:invention, inc.

    "Come back to see us" is a lame call for action from an executive team who has yet to ask shoppers what they really want. Why does JCP/JCPenney seem hell-bent on avoiding this critical step? "We were too buy to ask questions, we had too much to tell" is the lament of every failed company and product. Executed well, the "P" in JCP/JCPenney would stand for people. Their employees. Their customers. How would they want to reinvent JCP/JCPenney? #saveJCPsaveAmerica. Success ultimately comes down to execution, not advertising.

  • ddl2dance

    Beautiful commercial.  Still hate the whole "everything is always on sale or marked down" stategy they use.  Kohl's does too and I don't shop at either of them.

  • Z_Lauren_Z

    I couldn't agree with you more DDL . . . unfortunately once you go with the couponing / everything is always on sale strategy you cannot go back.  It's a psychological thing with the customer . . .

    My dear mother is mainly a Macy's shopper and she has never, ever paid full price for something in Macy's - I mean NEVER.

    She occasionally shops at Kohl's even though I have explained to her over an over again that the $68 pants she got "on sale" for $40 really weren't on sale and were probably made for about $6 but she doesn't care she FEELS as if she got a deal.  

    The Coach outlet recently tried something similar to JCP: every time you went in for the last few years they handed out a coupon: 20% off your entire order then a few months ago I went in and there was no coupon.  The sales person explained to me that they had lowered their prices across the board and they stopped giving out coupons.  It must've failed because the last time I went they were handing out coupons again: 30% OFF!

    It drives me batty but it works.

    I remember when JCP first announced this that there was an article that stated that previous to the change 99% of purchases made at JCP were made using a coupon and I knew instantly it would fail.

  • Guest

    JC Penney's is about to find out about the polarized shopping public.  Just a few minutes of reading on their FB page and you'll see there's a "hated it" for every "loved it".  And it's also interesting to see people posting about what "customers" want, when they really mean what they, themselves want.

    Good luck jcp or JC Penney's, depending on what site you're looking at.