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HTC Uses Design Video To Promote Its One Phone

HTC's newish One phone is one of the more attractive pieces of smartphone design on the market, machined from a single block of metal and sporting a gently curved back that sets it apart from its many slab-like peers. And now HTC has used this design, and the whole construction process, as a nice bit of PR for the phone itself.

This is a story you may have heard before.

Samsung recently tried the same trick to promote its Galaxy S4 phone, talking about where the design inspiration came from and earnestly promising it as something new. HTC's gone for a more technical insight into designing the unibody frame.

And both approaches are borrowing heavily (to put it mildly) from Apple's method, which has long been to use video to give insight into the design, inspiration, feel and manufacture of its unibody metal devices.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! But what we can take from this video is that excellent top-rank design is now so expected by the public that these firms feel the need to promote their flagship phones' design detail. That's a good thing.