Join Us Here For A Live Video Hangout With The Brains Behind The New Myspace: How to Design a Makeover

As we recently chronicled, Myspace is attempting to do what few sites have managed: a major comeback.

At one point back in 2006, it was the not only the top social network but the most visited site of any kind.

A few years later, it was an easy punch line. Myspace was undone by a clutter of ads and widgets, balky service, and a little thing called Facebook, which came along offering a simpler and superior user experience.

Now Myspace has new owners – online ad veterans Chris and Tim Vanderhook and a high-profile partner in Justin Timberlake – and a new dramatic look. The redesign, which is central to the site’s comeback, could not feel more different than the old Myspace. Elegant visuals. Clever horizontal scrolling. Instant search without a search bar. It's a new tune. But is it enough to bring back users and attract new ones?

Join our Google+ Hangout Wednesday at 11 a.m. EST with the Australian digital design shop behind the new look and feel: Ben Johnston, the CEO of Josephmark, and creative director Jess Huddart.

What do you want to know about their reinvention of Myspace? Tell us in the comments section below.

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  • samiq

    I would have thought that such a important task as creating what should empower you to a comeback to be done in-house, with internal brain and power, don't get me wrong I love agency work, I worked in agencies for years, but because of that I know that such important piece of new work should be done in-house so the experience of building it remains in-house and part of the culture, not just as a temporary gig you outsource down under... it was a good hangout :)

  • samiq

    unless there is a plan to aquihire the team, there is nothing for the team building it, you need not only passion but ownership of the product, and agency work might have passion, but ownership is something only will come with you been part of it fully, when you have to serve 2 masters, your agency and your client, you face the risk of both expectations not falling at par, or worst, have the resources shuffle between projects and hence loosing the experience. One thing is to outsource production work, another one is outsource the soul and bones of your come back. Myspace was once a power horse tech company, I am sure it no longers live to even its shadow, but if they are serious about making a comeback they better be doing with heart and soul and not just money and hiring some fancy design... I might be wrong on this one, but my experience working with some of the best agencies in the world, tells me otherwise.