How Much Is A Facebook Like Worth To Brands?

A social intelligence company called Synacapse has valued each Facebook Like that a brand page receives at $174.17. Menlo Park will be resonating to the sound of cheers—maybe they'll even blow that fancy new roof off—as that represents a 28% increase since the last time such a calculation was made, back in 2010.

The study, which took into consideration product spending, loyalty, propensity to recommend, media value acquisition cost and brand affinity, also discovered that Facebook users also spend more money—$116 per year—than non fans on the brands whose pages they like. They're more satisfied, more likely to stick with the brand, and good evangelists.

[Image of the Friends apartment block by Flickr user Rob Young]

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  • Chris Lamar

    These statements are categorically false and scientifically flawed. Attributing all sales to social output is a method only used by Social Media Marketers who want to legitimize their exorbitant bills. Bills they are giving clients who are not making anywhere near the returns that the investment could make in more deliberate marketing. 
    For man (not all) social media marketing has been an overt and completely obvious scam. This "Study" was nothing short of self-serving propaganda.