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AOL Shutters Several Music Properties, Including Spinner And The Boombox

Several employees of AOL's music properties, including and The Boombox, tweeted Friday afternoon that large parts of the company's music division are shutting down.

AOL has unofficially announced it's shuttering several of its music-related editorial units, through the Twitter feeds of several employees who were laid off Friday afternoon. Properties including, The Boombox, and Noisecreep have effectively ceased operations.

According to the @AOLRadio Twitter account, the company will continue to operate its online radio service.

We've reached out to AOL and will update this post if we hear back.

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  • Richard Annington

    It seems as though AOL is still trying to figure out what its business model is. Even I have no clue what they actually are anymore. In the 90's I knew they were a dial-up ISP that charged by the hour, then did subscription plans, then merged with Time Warner and since then I have no clue what they are trying to become. How are they/do they make any money?