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Insurance Agencies Offering Patent Troll Insurance

Digital marketing trade association SoDA is offering tech firms an intellectual property insurance package designed to combat "Patent Trolls."

One of the world's most prominent digital marketing trade groups has launched an anti-patent troll insurance policy. SoDA's new intellectual property defense insurance program is designed for digital marketing agencies and others facing litigation from lawsuit-happy patent trolls who sue companies for use of common Internet features in the hope of easy out-of-court settlements.

In a recent interview with Ad Age's Cotton Delo, Digitaria's Doug Hecht said that the agency was forced to decline jobs due to patent troll concerns. The same is true for many other tech-related industries—patent trolling routinely causes problems for many large and small companies.

[Image: OpenEnglishWeb]

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  • James McArdle

    Patent infringement suits (especially nuisance suits) have started to become a real problems for tech firms. Insurance is a very interesting option (in some ways similar to what RPX offers) though I imagine it would be hard to assess the risk exposure. If that’s the case, insurance might just end up being far too expensive for anyone to carry.