Google's Apps, Chromebooks Central To Malaysia's Educational Improvements

Schools across Malaysia will be getting Google Chromebooks to help with their digital education.

In a blog post, Google explains that schools across Malaysia will be getting Google Chromebooks to help with their digital education, and that some 10 million school kids in both primary and secondary education will use Google's apps.

Google proclaims that Chromebooks are "ideal for learning and sharing in the classroom" because there's "nothing complicated to learn, they boot up in seconds and have virus protection built in. They also offer easy setup and deployment, which means they’re ready to go the moment a student opens the lid and logs in." Chromebooks may also be cheaper for schools to run on a continuing basis—which is why "more than 3,000 schools worldwide" have chosen Google's computers to date.

Chromebooks haven't exactly been flying off the shelves in other places, however, and Google's most recent Chromebook effort—the Pixel—to rival top end laptops like Apple's MacBook Pro Retina was received badly by the press. Apple's iPad, which also offers instant boot-up, low overhead costs, and many educational opportunities (which explains why Google is aiming at the same market its rival is doing well in) continues to hit the headlines as its adoption in schools expands.

[Image: Flickr user zoinno]

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  • strfx4

    Typical Kit Eaton idiocy.  The article starts out about someone using Chromebooks, and ends with Mr. Eaton bashing google products liberally while praising Apple.

    Seriously, how much does Apple pay for this garbage to be posted?

  • joetierney

     You see the headline and that the article is from Fast Company and you think "this could be worth reading"

    ...but apparently not worth writing.

    Google blog post copy and paste, a link to an article supposedly about sales numbers that has nothing to do with sales numbers (I think the Samsung device specifically has been the #1 selling laptop on Amazon all year) ... well I guess it does mention a sale, 1 to be exact.

    Then we have a reference to the iPad, because ... who knows. Let's just ignore the creation/consumption differences between a laptop and a tablet for the time being. The iPad device itself is roughly twice the cost of Chromebooks. You cannot manage a fleet of iPads without touching the devices, you cannot apply group policies or support multiple-user accounts, the OS does not update itself automatically, and data is not stored centrally in a multi-tenant cloud computing architecture.  

    This is likely one of the, if not the, largest deployments of this kind in history. This type of project was literally impossible just a few years ago.

    This article could have been so interesting in several different ways ... even if you think it is a bad idea, make an argument, just say something, say anything.

    This is 2nd lamest article I've seen this week. #fail