PayByPhone App Finally Available To Make Parking Easier In New York City

Big Apple drivers are getting a little help from the Department of Transportation.

For anyone who has tried to park their car in New York City, news that Mayor Bloomberg and the New York City Department of Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Kha are working to make it a bit easier will come as a huge relief. The Mayor's office announced today that the city is unveiling a pilot program that will allow motorists to pay their parking fees through a new smartphone app.

The pay parking app, which is made by PayByPhone, will also warn motorists when their time on their parking meter is running out.

So far, it is just available in a small part of the city as a pilot project.

"Using smartphone apps to simplify New York drivers’ daily lives is another step to New York City becoming the leading digital city," said Rachel Haot, New York City’s Chief Digital Officer in a statement. "The City continues to champion the employment of new technology to make life easier for New Yorkers and this pilot pay-by-phone program will help to do that by transforming parking in New York City."

Another app, coming later this spring from Streetline, will help motorists find open parking spots using their phones.

[Image: Flickr user wanderingtheworld]

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  • SMG

    Just pointing out that France (Nice to be exact) already has this, along with other improvements: reserving your space, paying all by phone, telling you where spaces are free, and alerting the traffic police when someone is parked illegally.