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Facebook Introduces "Home," "A New Category Of Experiences" For Android, Available April 12, Says Mark Zuckerberg

"Our phones are designed around apps, not people. We want to flip that around," says "Our phones are designed around apps not people. We want to flip that around," says the social network founder.

Forget about checking Facebook on your iPhone or Android app. Or waiting until you get home. The social network introduced its own addition to the Android operating system in a highly anticipated announcement today, called "Home."

Home, which will be available on some phones beginning April 12, is a series of apps that you can install and that becomes the home of your phone.

"Our phones are designed around apps, not people," Zuckerberg said. "We want to flip that around."

AT&T is teaming up with HTC to be the first partners to sell phones pre-set with Home. HTC will sell a social-based phone "HTC First" meant to give users Home optimized for the best experience. It will be available for $99.99 on April 12 and can be preordered today.

Home's main feature, Coverfeed, shows users a giant background photo with a smaller text as an interactive newsfeed. With a single swipe, tap, and push, users can navigate their way around Home so there's "nothing between you and your content."

Home also includes Chatheads, which allows users to carry on conversations while using other apps or having multiple conversations at once. Text messages and Facebook messages both have the Chatheads design. By tapping and swiping, users can more easily manage multiple conversations.

Home will be available in the Android app store in about a week for some devices and users can choose whether to try it once or commit before testing it out. It will be available on tablets in a few months.

"We can all relate to this experience of being in this situation where it's a little boring," Zuckerberg added.

A quick look at Home, he says, can see if there's something more interesting going on in the world.

Will you download Home? Tell us in the comments.

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  • Chad Vavra

    confining the home content experience to Facebook makes the 'smart' phone pretty dumb.

  • Christian Baptiste

    No I dont want Facebook taking over my phone's home screen.

    I think it is pretty presumptuous of FB to assume that I want all my interactions with people to be done  through FB. Maybe I am the minority but most of the pople that I interact with on a daily basis are either business contacts that I don't want mixing with my FB account, or they are my closest friends and family that I want to interact with directly rather than through FB. 

    It seems that this "home" experience would basically open up my phone to communicate with the group of people that I don't want to communicate with on a daily basis. Why would I ever want that group of friends and family taking over my screen? 

    One of my biggest gripes with FB is that they still have not mastered what Google + has by letting me gather my contacts into logical organized groups, so that I can manage what group of people I choose to interact with at any given time. 

    Also why would I want to hand over my current organization of my apps and have to reposition everything through their interface. Again very presumptuous of FB.

    FB is on to some interesting ideas and I like the idea of being able to be in an app an continue my communications and then return to the app that I was in, it just seems like these ideas would be better served by my phone contacts rather than my Facebook contacts. Again I think FB is being overly presumptuous.

    Plus there is the other big issue of users not feeling secure about where their communications are and who else can see them. Many users are not quite sure if their messages are direct or being posted in the activity feed.  

    So - NO WAY!