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United States CTO Todd Park, outside the White House in 2012.

White House Gets Techy with Non-Profits

A little over a year into his role as the United States' CTO, Todd Park ("Washington Wizard," July/August 2012) is upscaling his business. As a follow-up to last summer's Tech Inclusion Roundtable, his office put on the White House Tech Inclusion Summit in January, gathering more than 200 people from the not-for-profit, business, government, and tech communities to launch five programs—everything from a mentorship organization to an initiative helping cities develop tech-education action plans aimed at the underserved.

Although some of the program founders came from not-for-profits, they all delivered their pitches "with the verve and passion of startup CEOs," says Park. When he was appointed CTO, he got a warning from his wife, who's no fan of living in Washington: "You can choose to stay for longer than [you have to], but I will divorce you." Now that President Obama is sticking around for a second term, how are things at home?

"Primarily due to the fact that my wife is a saint and a patriot," Park says, "our marriage remains on solid ground!"

[Photo by Brian Finke]

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