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State Swap: Two Entrepreneurs Switch Startup Scenes

Two entrepreneurs recently traded states and explain why their new homes are better.

Moved from: Venice, California, to Austin
Tim Rothwell, founder, UMeTime
Why Texas? "The environment is much more supportive. We even reached out to Governor Perry's office and right away booked a meeting with their top guys. But in Venice-Santa Monica, it's hard to book a meeting even with the local chamber of commerce."
How 'bout those taxes? "Much more forgiving. Texas is encouraging you to launch your business."

Moved from: Austin to San Francisco
Tom Serres, founder, Rally
Why California? "Your pipeline opportunity, from a fundraising standpoint, to raise capital for an idea is just significantly larger. If we're to turn the company into a global brand, I need to go to the one place where you scale multibillion-dollar consumer-tech companies."
How 'bout those taxes? "They suck. But the alternative benefit is access to super-high-quality intellectual talent."

[Arrow Image: Flickr user Lali Masriera]

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