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U.S. Patent Office Bounces Back To Apple's Side

The USPTO polishes Apple's scrolling "bounce" patent. A move that could impact ongoing lawsuits.

The USPTO has decided to reinstate three claims in a key Apple patent—covering the "bounce" in scrolling a menu in iOS—that it had previously indicated it would reject.

Back in October the USPTO made a preliminary decision to reject all of Apple's claims on the patent. It's now reinstated three of the claims, which reinforces Apple's ownership of the design. But critically the USPTO hasn't supported claim number 19, which is part of the billion dollar lawsuit against Samsung—a claim that 21 separate Samsung products were found to violate. Apple has a window in which to appeal the new ruling. Recently the judge in the Apple-Samsung suit decided that a partial retrial is required to assign the final, smaller, damages amount. Nokia has since sided with Apple by filing an amicus curiae brief against Samsung.

[Image: Flickr user MiGowa's]

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  • strfx4

    How much more can you distort the verdict?!

    The one claim (#19) that was responsible for much of the $1B fine against Samsung was rejected.  This ruling pretty much means that Apple's law suits built on this patent may falter now.

    But of course our iDiot Mr. Eaton somehow spins this into a grand Apple victory.  What a moron.