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Facebook Facing Court Battle Over Timeline

Apparently the social network may have not been the first company to come up with the name for a website feature.

Weeks after revamping its timeline, Facebook is facing a court battle over the term itself. Bloomberg News reports today that the social network company lost a bid to end a trademark suit over the name, which another company claims was its first. According to the suit, Timelines Inc. started a website with that name in 2009—a full two years before Facebook inserted it into its product. Two weeks after Facebook unveiled its timeline, Timelines Inc filed suit. Facebook counter-sued, arguing that product wasn't distinct enough to warrant trademark protection.

On Monday, a judge ruled in favor of Timelines Inc. According to the report, the trial will begin in April.

Earlier this month, Facebook product designer Nicholas Felton described the birth of Facebook's timeline to Fast Company. You can watch that interview here.