Tim Cook Apologizes To Chinese Customers, Changes Warranty Policies After Apple Smear Campaign

After Apple came under heat for allegedly offering subpar after-sale services to Chinese customers, CEO Cook updates the company's policies.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has published a letter on the company's website in China today to address updated warranty and repair policies in response to a smear campaign spearheaded by state-controlled media outlets in the country such as CCTV.

Last month, Chinese media reports accused Apple of enforcing discriminatory warranty and repair policies for Chinese customers. Among the complaints were allegations that Apple in China was merely fixing broken devices where they would replace them with new devices in other countries, such as the United States.

Apple's initial response to the original reports stated that its Chinese warranty "is more or less the same as in the U.S. and all over the world."

However, Cook's new letter outlines specific details for how Apple plans to improve its warranty and repair policies for devices such as the iPhone 4 and 4S, in addition to providing a straightforward apology.

[Image: Flickr user Steve Snodgrass]

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  • Yin

    Ms  CHRISTINA might want make up her mind. She looks very confused. 

    It is said it is a "smear campaign" against Apple in the title and it goes on saying  Apple's CEO outlined details for service improvement "in addition to a straightforward apology". If it is a smear campaign, why would Apple apologise? 

    It sounds to me it is more like, regardless of Apple's own admission and apology,  Ms CHRISTINA have decided it has to be a smear campaign because a Chinese state controlled media spearheaded it! It is such a last century cold war mentality -  everything related to the Chinese government must be evil. Boring!