Google Glass To Be Made In The U.S.A.—By Foxconn

The manufacturer of the hi-tech specs will be Hon Hai Precision Industry (also known as Foxconn) at its Santa Clara plant.

Google's nearly here wearable tech, Project Glass, will be made in California.

Google has entrusted the manufacture of its AR glasses (the first batch of which are about to be sent to 8,000 lucky recipients) to Taiwanese firm Hon Hai, which you may know as Foxconn—yes, the guys that make, among other products, the iPhone.

The glasses, which are expected to be made available to the masses by the end of 2013, will be put together at Hon Hai's Santa Clara facility. It's not the first time that Google has entrusted domestic manufacturers to make its products—its short-lived Nexus Q entertainment player was put together in the U.S., although its parts were sourced from other countries, such as Germany, the Netherlands, and Taipei.

How important is it to you that Google Glass is assembled in the U.S? Would you like to see all of its products with a Made In U.S.A. stamp on them, or do you fear that it will lead to higher prices? Do you even care? Tell us what you think below, please.

[Image by Flickr user Stuck In Customs]

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  • Black Pheonix

    I'm not sure if Google has ever identified itself as an all American brand... so I do not understand this sense of betrayal..

  • Enichols

    What about good old USA companies like Bausch & Lomb for the eye wear or Corning for the glass? Keep the business here. Did we even source a US firm?

  • Tra_owens

    Yes, it's important that an American company make its products in the USA. Our country is losing its capital to cheap labor because people are buying into "disposable culture". We can make quality products here and we can keep the prices reasonable if we all participate. Be part of the change!

  • Tim Ellis

    Call me old fashioned, but even in today's globalized economy (which I like), I still prefer to buy local and source local.

  • Phil Szrama

    It is great that they are being created in the USA, but not great that it is a foreign company. Americans need to get out of the Walmart mentality which is buying a lot of cheap low quality goods rather than buying a little more expensive quality good that will last more than a few months.

  • Whip

    It's a good start! You bet we'd like to see all their products made in the U.S. I'd rather spend a little more to get American made products of any kind. As a contractor I'm tired of having little choice but to buy garbage "Made in China". Hopefully Google is starting a trend. BTW, California thanks you Google!

  • Kimberly Gilchrist

    While a Chinese based company, they're not going to import all of their workers to the United States in order to assemble in America. I think keeping our money here is a great idea, that way we can manufacture the technology and have other countries pay us to get it, rather than have us pay other countries to get our tech. I think it's a poor idea that we won't assemble anything just because it's cheaper elsewhere, and pour our money into industries that do not support our own economy.

  • Valentine_adams

    This disappointing news... Foxconn, a Chinese company that already produces the iPhone, is also going to be producing Google Glasses? It's great that they're building it in the US, but why Foxconn? WHY? We really don't need a Chinese company building the next generation of connected devices. We need to be giving our own companies who are US-managed and owned a chance to compete. They may be building Google Glasses here, but they're still outsourcing management and control to China. This was an opportunity for the US to have a bit of an edge... But we're sharing our technology with a communist country and company that abuses its workers? WHY?

  • ifly2nh

    Google really had to work with Foxconn.  Foxconn bought the lens technology from Myvu Corp. and created their own version of Glass in 2011.  You can see the fully functional prototypes at the web site  viewlinktech. com.   Google was made aware of the prototypes in 2011 and viewed a functional device at CES in 2012.  Google used the patented technology now owned by Foxconn so some deal was expected. 

  • ifly2nh

    Google had to work with Foxconn.  Foxconn owns the patents on the lens technology Google is using for Glass.  Foxconn had in fact bought the assets of Myvu Corp and funded the creation the 1st working prototypes of what is now Glass on their own.  You can still see their work which was show privately (and to Google) at CES 2012 at

  • Vicki Amin

    They are not outsourcing management or control! All that's being outsourced is the manufacturing process. Google still has control over which components go into the actual Google Glasses, quality standards, technical specifications etc.

  • Matt Little

    It's a great thing, keep our money here! Quit outsourcing! especially giants like Google! I would be willing to pay a bit more if it means higher quality and keeping our money in country.