As Supreme Court Considers Same-Sex Marriage, Bud Light Hops On "Equality" Meme, To Mixed Reactions

The all-American beer brand uses a hot, mathematical meme to inject itself into the conversation.

It's become a golden rule of social media for brands: Follow the memes.

That's what Bud Light did yesterday when it posted a photo of two horizontal beer cans against a red background to its Facebook page. The beer cans were fashioned to resemble a similar design from the Human Rights Campaign, which equal rights supporters promptly took viral yesterday as the Supreme Court began its hearings on same-sex marriage. (Also riffing on the meme? A spoof version of Grumpy Cat.)

Though the Bud Light site had garnered more than 34,000 Likes at the time this post was published, the sentiment among Bud Light's drinkers was decidedly mixed. The comments run the gamut from "You guy can have gay marriage as long as its a gay man marring a gay woman. Anything else is wrong and against the Lords will" to "Crappy beer but awesome company. Good job on taking a side will be drinking you tonight."

Bud Light is the latest in a string of quick-thinking brands turning to the Internet to inject themselves into the social conversation. One viral example? Oreo's "You can still dunk in the dark" ad, which went live shortly after the now-infamous blackout at this year's Super Bowl.

[Image: Bud Light]

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  • larry longmore

    bud lite = horse water

    That said it is nice to see large corps take a stand on the side of humanity

  • Morey Soffo

    I'm USN (Ret.) - 21 yrs, a Teamster (Local 710), and Gay.  I don't "do" hair, drape chintz, throw fabulous Oscar parties, or drink light beer.  However, I appreciate the effort made here.  I'll ask my husband to pick up some regular Bud the next time he's at the store.  I prefer Pabst or Old Style when I'm watching the Cubs, but I'll add Bud into the mix now.  As I said, I appreciate effort and I don't get over grudges: in this house we still don't drink orange juice from Florida. I agree with Siddons.   

  • Scott Abfalter

    Good for them, regardless of any bad comments they receive.  All that it takes for evil to flourish to for people to stand by and do nothing.  I am glad they did not take a neutral stance.

  • Justin W. Siddons

    The message can be interpreted as bad taste if Budweiser doesn't actually make a statement in support for marriage equality.