BMW Adds iOS-Based Mobile Audio Streaming To Cars

In-car digital entertainment is hot hot hot.

BMW is taking a leaf out of Ford's book, adding mobile app powers to its in-car digital entertainment system.

The German car maker has just made deals with Audible, Glympse, Rhapsody and TuneIn to bring their content directly into BMW Apps-enabed vehicles and let the car's console control the apps running on iPhones.

The deals mean audiobooks, streaming music and Net radio will be much easier--and presumably safer--to use in compatible cars, and adds Glympse's location sharing powers to the mix. Glympse was recently added to Ford's Sync app integration system.

Digital-connected cars are a fast-growing market. Companies like Apple are patenting well ahead of introducing new tech to the market.

[Image: Flickr user aigle_dore]

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