T-Mobile To Carry iPhone 5 For $99.99 Starting April 12

At a New York City event today, the company said iPhone 5 customers will be on the carrier's new 4G network.

T-Mobile announced today that it will begin offering the iPhone 5 starting April 12 for a $99.99 upfront fee, plus $20 per month for 24 months. This is the first time the country's No. 4 carrier (behind AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint) has offered Apple's phone to consumers. iPhone 5 customers will be on the carrier's new 4G LTE network, CEO John Legere announced at a press event today in New York.

In an aggressive speech, Legere said the new iPhone offering is part of an attempt to "break away from the absurd norms of the wireless industry," whose bread and butter revolves around tightly tying access to devices to long-term contracts.

"Stop the bullshit," he said at the press event, referring to the standard two-year contracts smartphone customers sign to get decent prices for devices.

Legere also unveiled details for T-Mobile's Simple Choice rate plans, which let you choose the amount of high-speed data and the number of phone lines you want. A base rate of $50 per month will get you 500 MB of high-speed data, though once you hit your month's limit, you'll be running on 2G speeds. An extra $10 will get you up to 2GB of high-speed data per month, while $70 will buy you unlimited monthly 4G access.

[Image: Flickr user Wesley Lelieveld]

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  • Manolotdeteurel

    Verizon gives you 2GB of data a month. If you use your phone instead of your computer, or if you don't have a separate internet provider, you'll be running out of your contracted data allowance very quickly. All cellular companies are the same, they charge you for every little extras they can. At the end, you end up paying around a $100 per month for just the basics.

  • bob drumm

    Stop the bullshit. What a joke. Tmobile won't even give me the $150 rebate they owe me for my samsungs. How about taking care of your current customers before trying to get new ones. Stop the BS indeed

  • Justin Ledo

     tmobile has screwed me on contracts twice costing me around $2,000 and lowered my credit rating.  I HATE the company and wish it to hell

  • Davidwomack55

    The plan is for the bottom tier 16GB $200 phone. Winds up costing you $100 plus $480 for the phone. I will be happy to loan you $200 and you give me back $580 at the end of 2 years all day long!

  • Guest

    you're comparing the price to a locked subsidized phone with a contract. A no-contract phone from Apple sells for $650 for the 16GB.

  • Nicole

    If you still have to pay $20 a month for 24 months (or $480) how is that not a long-term contract?

  • Biz Mark

    My understanding is that the $20 a month are for the phone, but you won't have a contract on your plan.

  • Nicole

    I guess to me, that just seems like different ways to say "you're stuck for two years."

  • Nicole

    Thanks for the clarification MadMom46, the article did not specify that you weren't required to do the subsidization.

  • Madmom46

     No, not stuck at all.  They are financing it for you at no interest, no financing fee, and you can pay it off early anytime.  It is just a convenience rather than having to pay it all at one time.