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Mark Zuckerberg Backs Immigration Reform, Financially And Politically

The Facebook founder goes to Washington.

Mark Zuckerberg is putting his money where his mouth is—in the political arena.

He's rumored to be ready to back an advocacy issues group, in an attempt to help reform immigration policy.

Earlier this month, the Facebook founder signed a TechNet letter which advocated for a change in current immigration law in regard to skilled workers.

The aim of TechNet, which is a bipartisan NGO backed by other big tech executives, is twofold. Not only does the group want to improve the balance and movement of global talent—something that British Airways' UnGrounded idea is also trying to address—but also reform immigration laws in general. "Leaders are coming together on a broader agenda," a person familiar with the conversations told Politico. "It's not necessarily company driven."

The drive to attract the cream of the world's thinkers is an issue that is at the forefront of most tech companies' minds as they seek to get the best engineers, mathematicians, and comp-sci graduates from all over the world to work at their firms. Last year, Microsoft lobbied lawmakers in an attempt to change the approaches to science and engineering education and proposed an increase in the number of H1B visas, which allow highly skilled foreigners to work in the U.S.A.

[Image by Flickr user deneyterrio]

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  • twinsfan1100

    Hey Mark, refer to your political money as "philanthropy."  That is what Bill Gates and Eric Schmidt do.  The think tank business is awash in Bill Gates and Eric Schmidt "philanthropy" money pushing a political agenda like yours, a political agenda that attempts to satisfy an insatiable appetite of greed with money made by labor arbitrage, replacing "highly skilled" US STEM workers with cheap entry level workers from low cost labor centers in India and Communist China.

    That's the angel Mark, call it philanthropy!


    This reform is very important. I love and work with many Latinos, they are not offered the same access to education as whites and Asians. In my neck of the woods (San Gabriel Valley)  I am creating our own business and low tech incubator because no one else will help us or do this for us. I m glad he is helpig immigrants, that's my focus. I need all the support I can gt and together, we will make changes for mny  unemployed people to get back to work, as entrepreneurs and/or fill the voids of many jobs we will create...the possiblities are endless, but we need immigration matter what. It for the good of his nation we honor all nationalties and if you don't like it, move to another country...Stop your race wars and negative affirmations you all.  Jimmy"D"

  • rlawson

    "The aim of TechNet, which is a bipartisan NGO backed "It's in industry front group.  Stop making them sound like the Red-Cross.  This is a prime example of bias getting into print.

    The only thing bipartisan about them is their willingness to pay off either party to get what they want.

  • utuxia

    will the US export anything in the future? Do we export anything now? Or are we just importing every damn thing.

  • Microspace

    Good for him. It's always good to see people taking a stand on something they care about.

  • Danomac

     You sir, have missed the point. If you are an American citizen, you are being slighted and betrayed by this action of Zuckerberg. It is terribly unfortunate that you do not realize it.