Yahoo Adds Summly News Aggregator To Its List Of Acquisitions

Is Marissa Mayer trying to fill the gap left by Google Reader?

Yahoo! has just announced that it is buying Summly, the mobile news aggregator created by a British teen last year.

Summly has been withdrawn from the App Store.

According to the Yahoo! presser: "Nick and the Summly team are joining Yahoo! in the coming weeks. While the Summly app will close, you will see the technology come to life throughout Yahoo!’s mobile experiences soon. So stay tuned!"

The announcement adds weight to Marissa Meyer's pronouncement last year that Yahoo's focus was going to be all about mobile—although you could be forgiven for thinking it was all about working from home.

This acquisition comes just days after the Internet giant, which is currently shopping around for some more companies large and small to bring its slightly shabby frontage into the present day, was rumored to be interested in French YouTube rival Daily Motion.

It's a canny buy for Yahoo, as it comes just weeks after Google announced plans to shut down Google Reader. Google's decision has benefited all of Google Reader's rivals, with one, Feedly, gaining a million or so new subscribers.

You can see what the fuss is all about below, with the app's creator Nick D'Aloisio showing off his creation alongside Stephen Fry last year.

Summly Launch from Summly on Vimeo.

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  • JeanDarch

    What yahoo really is doing is to get the third ecosystem up and running. Some reasons for Marissa's actions can be found on "Abstractionshift" page, #abstractionshift

    - Marissa Mayer is
    totally alone at Yahoo without any relevant talents and leaders in-house (easy
    to understand "Paperwork", "No-commuting" and upcoming
    "Get-Rid-Of program"

    - Yahoo needs a Plan
    B: TAIC-SIMO + InterestMachine

    - ... and more