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Huge Hole In Apple Security Found: Report

The two-step verification process, by the way, will take three days to be activated, users have said.

A day after Apple announced its well received two-step verification process, The Verge is reporting that Apple has a huge security hole. For users who haven't activated the two-step process, the password for their Apple ID can be reset by anyone with just their email address and their birthdate. According to the report, there is a guide available online that shows would-be hackers how to get past Apple's current security with a few modified URLS.

Even worse? As The Verge reported and a Fast Company reporter confirmed, activating the two-step verification will take three days, according to an Apple notification.

[Image: Flickr user ivy field]

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  • Wyseguy

    The bit about 3-day wait is false.  There is no wait, unless you have recently reset your password, or made other security-related changes to your account. In that case, it is a two-day wait.  I just updated, it was instant.  

    Read up on it at