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One Billion People Use YouTube Every Month, Says YouTube

One billion active users a month. But who exactly is an active user, according to Google?

YouTube has hit a milestone. One billion active users a month, it announced on its blog yesterday. That's one in seven of us on the planet watching something on the Google video site every 28 days or so.

The firm revealed a few more interesting factoids: One in every two people on the Internet visits YouTube, and every single firm in Ad Age's Top 100 Brands uses the site for its advertising campaigns. There are, however, some signs that YouTube may be moving toward a subscription model for parts of its network.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Robert Kyncl, the firm's VP, told reporters in L.A. that a paying model was important to create additional revenue streams for content creators. While getting people to "take out a credit card" might be difficult at first, "over time, a lot of people will figure it out."

YouTube's parent company, Google, however, gives no indication of its methodology when it comes to what constitutes a monthly active user. Facebook, you may remember, ran into some difficulties with this issue last year, when it cited a MAU rate of around 845 million before its IPO. Many commentators questioned how Facebook got that figure, which is somewhere over a billion right now, as Facebook hit that milestone some six months back.

Just to add a little bit of context, Instagram has 90 million monthly active users, and Twitter—which celebrates its 7th birthday today—has around 200 million, as of December 2012.

[Image by Flickr user DavidErickson]

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  • Simplequa

    1 billion comprised of 200 million duplicating fake profiles.I know people do not want to admit that much of these reported numbers are false. But if 1 billion really did than you tube or facebook will be much more richer and successful than they are now. There is a lot of botnet operating and interfering with these sites as they are there to generate clicks to get paid. It is even questionable that 1 billion people check their emails everyday. given that the population of Western europe and the USA who make up the vast majority of internet users are up to 1 billion considering that more than half of id aling  pensionable citizens are not online as it is unimportant to them. The numbers are highly dubious