Google Launches Evernote Competitor Google Keep (For Real This Time)

The note-taking app officially launches after a stealth-mode version made a brief appearance earlier this week.

On Monday, we wrote about what appeared to be a new stealth-mode Google app that made a brief appearance on the Internet before disappearing just as quickly.

Google Keep resurfaced today, this time blessed by an official Google blog post introducing the Android-only note-taking app, available through Google Play.

Google describes the Evernote competitor as "a central place to save what's on your mind." You can use the app to create notes and lists—via typing or voice memos—that will sync across all your devices through Google Drive.

No word yet on whether the app will come to iOS, though if Google's location-discovery app Field Trip is any indication—it finally got an iOS version two weeks ago—that could be at least several months.

[Image: Google]

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  • Pamela Trounstine

    After putting more than 5 years of my life into Google Reader, to be SO inconvenienced now, Google has got to be crazy thinking that I will try something like Keep. And I sure as heck don't want some app like Currents that can't make a seamless transition between computer and phone and be just as usable in both places. I see a big difference between things that just access your stored material to display it to you in different ways and the actual repository of the material- I thought I could trust Google as the repository, but no longer. I can make grocery lists and to-dos with other apps, and I don't trust Google to be the keeper of more important information anymore.

  • 921pedigueno129

    how soon it will be I'm user of os please send My a notice the soon to get this App goo is favuolos

  • Adrian Carr

    Ha! After them getting rid of so many things I use, there is no way I would start using it. Sorry Google. Used to love you, but I just don't trust you anymore.

  • sampeckham

    "a central place to save what's on your mind." Until Google gets bored and decides otherwise. Strange how they are cutting things to focus on less while at the same time creating more?
    I think Google is really just big enough to experiment using it's massive user base as in house testers, so we should hold very lightly to all things Google related. Gone are the days of Google's Beta label because it applies to everything all the time now!

  • CA-girl

    Yeah, and how long until they abandoned this, like they've done with iGoogle, Notebook, Docs, ... ? Google has shown they can't be trusted with earlier applications, why trust them with a new one?

  • Jamie Klein

    It's new, give it a chance. It looks ok. Integrated with Google Drive so you can view it on all devices via the cloud offline/online.

    Why trust them? Because they have billions of dollars to put into research and testing, unlike a smaller company.