Samsung's New TVs Data-Mine Viewing Habits

The company's 2013 TV line includes a feature that tracks viewers' cable-satellite program watching in order to recommend similar shows.

Samsung's newest televisions track what viewers watch—in order to offer them personalized viewing recommendations. The Korean electronics maker's 2013 television lineup includes a feature called S-Recommendation, which applies algorithms to television viewer habits in order to recommend new programming. S-Recommendation mines data from both ordinary cable and satellite viewing and premium view-on-demand services watched over the past six months in order to offer content tips.

Other new features included in Samsung's televisions veer straight into science fiction territory: Viewers can flip through channels using voice commands and hand gestures. Samsung was named one of Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies of 2013 and is also believed to be developing a smartwatch.

[Image: Samsung]

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  • Anonymous

    We have had our Samsung Smart TV for three or four years. A couple of days ago an agreement warning came on the screen and said if we did not allow them to sell our info to third parties we could no longer use the Smart TV part of our television. We really object to their gestapo tactics and are sick of groups (government and otherwise) tracking our every more. How can they use those tactics when we didn't agree to tracking when we bought the TV a few years ago. Big Brother is Watching You!