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ING Direct Customers Can Access Their Bank Through Facebook

Is this the new wave of banking innovations?

Thanks to IBM, bank customers of ING Direct can check their bank account balances through Facebook. Clients who opt into the ING DIRECT's Orange Snapshot can also check account balances, history and pending transactions as well as receive account notifications through the social network. Eventually, the companies hope to evolve the technology to be secure enough to include money transfers, bill payments and even email money transfers.

ING Direct and IBM are also working to find ways to allow bank customers to use voice recognition on their mobile devices to complete transactions and exploring the use of biometrics within their mobile apps for better security.

Would you want your bank account to be connected to Facebook? Let us know in the comments.

[Image: Flickr user 24oranges]

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  • mw

    Not sure if this is a right strategy ,linking facebook account with a bank account? what is the value addition as i'm sure ING has an online presence and what we are talking is a sensitive topic of user's money ...This to be honest does not make sense..i see it as a commercial face of facebook trying to mint some money...

  • dfrieson

    There are just some things that should never be integrated with Facebook. Privacy is already and issue. 

  • Shandra Camp

    ING Direct was bought out by Capitol One, and is now Capitol One 360.  The change was officially made in February, but was announced more than 6 months ago.

    How is this relevant?

  • Guest

    NO. Why would anyone want this? ING Direct is already fully online, I don't see the value of it also being an option on Facebook, not to mention the likely security risk it likely poses. Facebook accounts get hacked all the time, and don't have all the security hoops which are necessary for online banking to remain secure. 

    I presume that Facebook is offering ING Direct some sort of hefty compensation for making this option available - perhaps so Facebook can also peer into your bank account, and target ads based on your available funds the likelihood that you are going to buy an item? 

    The willingness of some people to share every last detail of personal information with Facebook in my opinion, is just plain stupid.