Smartwatch Fever Hits Samsung Too, As It Races Apple

Can the S-Watch beat the iWatch?

Samsung is, according to its EVP of mobile, actually working on a smartwatch, and has in fact been "preparing the watch product for so long." Lee Young Hee wouldn't be drawn on the specifications, arrival date, or price for the device in an interview in Seoul, but said that the watch was "definitely one" of its upcoming products.

Though this is but a tiny sliver of information, it's got the tech press all a-quiver. The implication to some is clear: Samsung is trying to beat Apple, to a product that is still a wild Apple rumor. As a business development story it's interesting, because Samsung has—the courts agree—made much headway in the Android smartphone space by copying Apple, and may be doing so again now.

One thing we can say, though, is that the smartwatch business, as one of the most straightforward pieces of wearable technology, is about to become much more dynamic.

Could a Samsung S-watch* actually beat an Apple iWatch? Would you buy either of them?

*(Yes, we suspect a certain Swiss wristwatch company would object to a Samsung product named like this, even with a "Galaxy" in the mix)

[Image: Flickr user Janitors]

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  • GeneralmotorsGravytrain

    Anything Apple does, Samsung will quickly follow with a copycat product.  Samsung is a stalker company.  It's a good method of never letting your competition get far ahead of you.  In S. Korea there is great pride in being a copycat company.  You take whatever product your rivals make, refine it and sell it for less.  That eliminates a lot of R&D costs and half the battle is won if your rivals product has become popular because it eliminates the need for advance market studies on that product.  Let the rival take all the risks and then just steal their market.  There's no shame in that.  It's justified by saying that they're just fulfilling mass market needs.

    As large and as wealthy as Samsung is, they reduce any startup time to a minimum and be up and producing products in quantity faster than most of their rivals.  The competition's roadmap becomes Samsung's roadmap.  The competition's ideas becomes Samsung's ideas.  Yet everyone wonders why Apple isn't transparent with future products.  That's about the only way a company can slow down a copycat company like Samsung from stealing their plans practically off the drawing board.  Wall Street worships companies like Samsung because such companies are very financially efficient and always try to take all the market share away by selling a product much cheaper.

  • Roanokephoto

    It would be fun to see a watch from Samsung come out first and then see how similar it starts to look like an Apple watch after theirs comes out.