New €150 Million Venture Effort From Samwer Brothers

Global venture fund from a controversial family.

Global Founders Capital is a new €150 million ($194 million) venture fund cofounded by Oliver and Marc Samwer and Fabian Siegel. The new fund is designed to run alongside the Samwer's well known and successful Rocket Internet startup accelerator and will invest in all stages of startup companies around the world—not just in its German home, or local EU efforts.

A new interview in Der Spiegel in Germany describes the Samwers as among "the most successful businessmen on the web—and the most unpopular," and notes that Oliver Samwer "has only one goal: to capture an even greater share of the world's online marketplace." In mid-2012 a Wired article described the brothers as leading a "clone factory" that merely replicated the innovations of others.

Though it has a global focus, it's possible the Samwer's new effort may inject some life into the European startup scene, which has been the subject of much criticism recently.

[Image: Flickr user Images_of_Money

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