Presidential pi(e)

Accompanying the White House's Happy Pi Day tweet was this image of the President chilling out in a Kozy Korners restaurant in Oak Harbor, Ohio, sharing pie with a young chap.

Pi pie

If you're feeling creative, then how about making a meta pie Pi Day pie for your loved one? Make it from whatever you like (this one is pumpkin) but make sure it's perfectly round...

GE pi

Because you can insert line breaks into tweets, GE's Pi Day tweet--with one line for each digit of pi--would have filled up many of its follower's Twitter displays today.

Synesthesic pi

David Tammet, as well as being able to quote pi to over 2,000 digits, has synesthesia--meaning that among other effects he sees colors as numbers. Here's his picture of what pi "looks" like to him. It's rather beautiful, and comes via TED which reminds us of a few relevant TED talks for today.

3.14 -> Pie

BuzzFeed reminds us why today is Pie Day as well as Pi Day

Pi, all alone

If you're in the mood to exercise your memory, then here's the first 2,160 decimal places of pi printed out in handy chunks. Memorize some and use it to wow your date tonight (or scare them away--we can't 314% guarantee results).


Who else but Microsoft to have a bit of geeky fun with Pi Day's PR opportunity: It's offering 3.14% off certain Dell tablets in its store.

E=MC[super]2[/super] er... and pi

The Twitter feed of the World Science Festival used a photoshopped picture of Einstein to remind us that March 14th is also his birthday date. One of science's greatest minds, one of the universe's most mysterious numbers, and a demonstration of the amazing power of modern tech (which relies on pi at its very design core) in one image.

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Happy Pi Day, 3.14.13

How do we love Pi? Let us count the 3.141592654... ways.

It's Pi Day which may, or may not, stir up a nightmarish flashback to those endless math lessons of your youth because it's all about that irrational number 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939 (and on and on). Pi is, lest you forget, the simple ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter—it's an infinite string of numbers, and very definitely isn't "3.2," no matter what Indiana thinks.

Why today? Because it's March 14th, of course. Or, 3.14, if you will. In two years Pi day will be even more fun (think about it).

Unlike other, more widely recognized holidays (watch your back, Valentine's!), Pi Day is a celebration of an altogether different, more boffin-friendly type. It's a celebration we can all get behind because all of us, even if you don't know it, have a life that's in many ways defined by pi because it's critical for the math that makes everything from your TV to your microwave work.

Pi Day is, in fact, something brands, scientists, cake-bakers, and practically everyone else can celebrate. Even the White House Twitter feed has joined in the fun, earning itself a few geeky PR points as it does so, by wishing us all a "Happy Pi Day" and tweeting a picture of the President with a kid shoveling pie (...yes, we know) down his youthful gullet. General Electric has used a fun trick in Twitter to make its Happy Pi Day wish dominate everyone's tweet feeds. A minute before 2 a.m. this morning (i.e. 3/14 1:59) Caltech students threw a pie party which ended up as a story in the Los Angeles Times. A special celebration in France is being hosted by the man who, aged 25, recited 22,514 digits of pi from memory in 2004—a European record. And if you think you can't remember even four or five places, a nice PBS post is here to help with a mention of a book written in pi language, where each word's length represents a digit of pi.

Welcome to Pi Day. Have a splendidly mathematical time.

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