U.S. Users To Get "Netflix Social" Tie To Facebook

Welcome to the civilized world, America!

Starting today U.S.-based Netflix users will be able to see what their friends have been watching on the service, and also have the option to cross-post to Facebook information about the shows and movies that they themselves have been viewing on the digital video network.

The move comes late to the U.S. thanks to an antiquated law that was designed to protect the privacy of viewing habits in the era of VHS tape borrowing. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings was instrumental in lobbying the government to repeal the law, which looks increasingly out of place in an era of widespread online sharing and social networking. Netflix hopes the move will help it leverage its visibility on Facebook, which recently redesigned its news feed to place greater emphasis on content sharing for sources like music and movies.

[Image: Flickr user shardayyy]

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  • Gavin Hudson

    Meh... Movie2k already has this, and they have a much better selection of movies and TV shows. Unless the movie industry takes the giant stick out of their @$$ and starts profiting from online ad placement, pirated movies will always win.