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Cyber Attack Poses More Threats Than Any Other Type Of Terrorism: Security Chief

James Clapper Jr. delivered a dire warning to a Senate committee today.

In what is just the latest warning about the prevalence and possibility of cyber attacks, the director of national intelligence told a Senate committee Tuesday that a cyber attack could cripple American infrastructure, the New York Times reported. Those types of attacks, James R. Clapper Jr. warned, are more of a dangerous immediate threat than any other type of terrorism.

The warning comes as China and the United States have volleyed back and forth accusations of hacking and other types of cyber crimes and as Congress is still working to get a proper cybersecurity bill into signed legislation. In his State of the Union address, President Obama urged Congress to pass legislation to protect the country from such attacks.

Don't panic yet: Clapper said in his testimony that even "less advanced but highly motivated actors" could carry out such a damaging attack, though agencies saw only a "remote" chance in the next two years that one would be pulled off.

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  • Johndoe321

    What BS!
    Somehow we have managed to put the Nuclear genie back in the bottle? What happened to WMD, yellow cake uranium, missing Russian nukes that fit in suitcases? AQ and their ambitions to pull off another 9/11 or Spain's 11-M?

    1,300 million people have been killed, maimed or diseased by nuclear power since inception vs. how many from "Cyberwar" or a cyber attack? The only similarity between Nuclear war and Cyberwar is the US weaponized and deployed both against an adversary first and the biggest difference is that after a cyberattack my kids can still go outside and play like we did when I was a kid, post nuclear attack or other kinetic attempt to cripple US infrastructure the same cannot be said.What about the war on drugs? In the last 6 years 50,000 people have died in Mexico in a nearly continuous string of shootings, beheadings and mass murder and now these thugs are exerting control in California, Texas and Arizona through the same ruthlessness they used in Mexico.And the biggest threat we face is a cyber attack. How will society ever cope with being cyberattacked back to 1989?