Partnering With MailChimp For Easier Newsletters

Want to send out your Scoop.It page to your clients? It's easier now.

Scoop.It, the site that allows users to make and share their own topical "magazines", is partnering with email marketing site MailChimp to make it easier to deliver newsletters with curated content from their Scoop.It pages.

"Most businesses and professionals struggle to simply create one relevant newsletter per month," said Guillaume Decugis, CEO and co-founder of in a press release. "Add newsletter design, copywriting, copyediting, and form editing to this and professionals are met with the very challenging problem of a time and resource-intensive process. Curating and publishing engaging content is a solution that offers a way to enrich newsletters in an efficient and impactful way."

MailChimp already works with a number of other sites and apps to give their email marketing expertise including Facebook, Twitter, Hootsuite, Pinterest and more.

Scoop.It users what do you think? Tell us in the comments.

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  • Laura Brown

    I haven't done a newsletter on the web since I wrote for BackWash or had my own on Yahoo. Some of my topics have a nice amount of subscribers. It will be interesting to see what kind of feedback I get about the newsletter. 

  • Dirk de Kok

    very nice! I use to let my audience see what I read and what my opinion is about articles I find online. To be able to compile a newsletter out of the articles I gather is perfect.

  • blogbrevity

    Two of my favorite services and MailChimp together! A great idea for my B2B customers to keep up relationships with customers. The ability to so easily add your own blog posts with curated content, and then send via email is brilliant!

  • blogbrevity

    Two of my favorite services and MailChimp together! A simple way for my B2B clients to keep in touch with customers! Fantastic idea!

  • Karen Dietz

    Love love love it! My life just got way easier with this functionality. I now have another avenue to share my curated content on business storytelling with my newsletter subscribers in new and interesting ways. This will definitely add more value for my audience.