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Animal Testing Banned In All Cosmetics Sold In The European Union

Activists celebrated the implementation of the new regulation on Monday.

Animal rights activists rejoice: A total ban on animal testing by cosmetic companies is now in effect in the European Union. The ban requires that all new cosmetics and their ingredients sold in the EU do not use animal testing, even if it's done elsewhere.

European Union countries have banned animal testing since 2009, the BBC points out, but many companies farmed out their animal testing to countries where it is legal. Opponents of the ban say it will make EU companies less competitive in the global market, while proponents that include big names like Paul McCartney are celebrating a move they say is a long time coming.

As CBS News pointed out, customers are unlikely to immediately notice any changes: After all, products currently on shelves are not subject to the ban.

[Photo by Flickr user Graphic Reality]

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  • Anne Westbrooks

    How amazing. I've seen videos of rabbits' pupils being slowly destroyed by a test of a stupid facial cream. I wish all people were knew exactly what animal testing intailed and where fur comes from (i..e., animals being skinned alive and electrocuted throught their genitals). I do believe that most people would shudder in horror and give up fur if they saw the videos from fur farms but unfortunately, a lot of people simply don't know the broader picture of fur industry, or what animal testing actually looks like and feels like to animals/.

  • Allie Patton

     I would assume because they have already been produced and whatever that entailed as far as testing has already been done. They can't retroactively not test the animals and if they don't sell what's already been produced those animals suffered for nothing. They should just sell what's already been made and never test on animals again.