Amazon's Attempt To Register Book-Related Domain Names Draws Ire Of Authors, Publishers

Barnes & Noble is also against the move, which would make .book, .read, and .author Amazon properties.

The Authors Guild and the Association of American Publishers have vetoed Amazon's attempt to own a trio of domain names. The Internet giant was hoping to register .book, .author, and .read, but the two groups, along with Barnes & Noble, have sent their reservations to ICANN, the agency that runs Internet domains, and which last year denied Google a trio of three-letter domain names.

Scott Turow, the president of the Authors Guild, who has long warned of Amazon's monopolistic tendencies, called the proposal "anticompetitive," and claimed that, should Amazon's wish be granted "the potential for abuse seems limitless." The AAP's beef was that Amazon's aim was not to sell off subdomains but merely "strictly control" its use "in pursuit of the company's business goals."

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  • Christopher Hofman

    Closed generics should not be allowed. In my point of view I have no problem that Amazon is the open registrar of these top level domains, however  no organization should be allowed to monopolize a generic term as a top level domain. 

    Besides that a monopolized TLD is bad for SERPS, as the best results will not appear. If the Internet had been monopolized in the first place it would have been dead by now

  • $27180517

    Rightfully so, this is ridiculous to even consider granting a private organization control over these domain names and the number of other companies vying for other domains.  It destroys competition in the long run.