Complete This Sentence On Vine: "Innovation Is..."

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[Image: Flickr user David Cosand]

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  • blujconcepts

    Innovation is about human empathy, and what i mean by that is by learning from each other. We find opportunities through understanding. It does not matter how much data, ideas, and money. It all boils down to helping our environment. Because when it comes to business we are trying to improve the lives of our fellow man.

  • Jay Rao

    Innovation is a Discipline! It is a field of study. It is a body of knowledge. It is a discipline like Psychology, Marketing, Chemistry or Finance. Like all disciplines, it has its own Lingua Franca -- concepts, frameworks and tools. Like all disciplines, you can learn it, practice it and master it. It is a social science (like economics) and not a natural science (like physics) or a formal science (like Math). It is a new discipline. Like how quality was a new discipline 50 years ago. Innovation as a discipline is less than 20 years old.