Facebook Overhauling News Feeds To Foreground Instagram, Spotify, Rdio, More: Report

Photos, music, other content focus of new approach

Facebook appears poised to overhaul its messy news feed, making it easier for users to filter. The filters will emphasize parts of the feed, like photos from Facebook or Instagram or a music feed. Photos will also be bigger on both the website and mobile site.

Facebook's filtered music feed could be the most prominent change, as it would bring tighter integration with Spotify or Rdio and Facebook's social systems, with current track info being shared to friends. There's also said to be concert data and album releases. This may be a not-so-indirect assault on the newly revamped Myspace, leveraging Facebook's bigger social networking muscles and enormous user base. It's also a play to make more money, as TechCrunch has said that ad images will be "more vivid," and, thus, more clickable.

Facebook has a press event scheduled for 10 a.m. Pacific Time Thursday.

[Image: Flickr user Coletivo Mambembe]

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  • Stephen Kosloff

    It's not that tough: let users customize their newsfeed so they see what and who they want to see, end of story.

  • DUH

    Facebook sells people as their product the more people on Facebook the more money they make from advertisers. So new or revamped social networking sites need to work on making their feeds more like your standing in a large room with all your friends rather then just posting what people say on a never ending list. It needs to be more like natural human communication.

  • Patrick Wagner

    I agree with  - facebook should be asking its user what they want next instead of these types of questionable next steps.

  • Dave

    remember this is a business.  its wasn't molded into a social toy to keep up with friends. They aren't constantly making changes to make it easier for us to do things that don't help their end game.  This is all about how they can make $ so we either have to be ok with that or leave FB.

  • deancollins

    Cracks me up.....all users really want is a view all news feed.....and this is what they are restricting us from having :(