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Hugo Chávez Dead At 58

Venezuela's populist president passed away earlier this afternoon.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez passed away on Tuesday afternoon following an extended battle with cancer and complications that included a severe respiratory infection. Chávez's death was announced by Vice President Nicolas Maduro on national television, according to the Associated Press. The populist leader embraced wealth redistribution, land reform, and centralized socialism domestically, while embracing an anti-American foreign policy that bought the country closer to Cuba and Iran. Thanks to Venezuela's oil wealth, Chávez had a towering influence over business and commerce in South America.

During a 2010 financial crisis, Venezuelans faced jail time for tweeting about banking problems; the country has an extremely robust business sector that is among Latin America's strongest.

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  • Norp

    Chavez will be remembered in history as a great Latin American leader who stood up to the American bully and redistributed wealth to the poor in Venezuela.

  • RealityCheck

    More like Chavez will be remembered in history for ruining his country and being a worthless dictator. Nice try, though.

  • FuckChavez

    Fuck Chavez, I've been saying it before and I will be saying all my life, fuck Chavez.

  • Seriouslyfuckchavez

    I agree with you 100%, fuck this asshole with a gravy laddle. Good riddance to him, one less piece of shit to deal with, who's next?

  • Mafdude

    These friggin commies who worship these two bit dictators. Helped the poor by stealing two billion from them. Fucking clueless people.