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TweetDeck Is Going Through Some Changes

Say goodbye to some of the older versions of the Twitter product—but the company is promising good times ahead.

TweetDeck is going to go through some changes in the next few months, Twitter announced in a blog posted Monday evening. TweetDeck will discontinue some of its older apps: TweetDeck AIR, TweetDeck for Android, and TweetDeck for iPhone—they will be removed from the app store in early May and support will cease for them shortly thereafter.

But it's not time to say goodbye to TweetDeck completely.

The company is rolling out new apps for browsers, and a Chrome app, which will offer some features like notifications, search term autocomplete and search filters, and automatically updating Tweet streams. "Our weekly web releases have been possible because we’ve nearly doubled the size of the TweetDeck team over the past six months (and we’re still hiring)," the company said.

Twitter said its TweetDeck updates come from the changing way that many of its users access TweetDeck—more from their computers than mobile devices.

TweetDeck users, what do you think of the impending changes? Tell us in the comments.

[Photo by Flickr user tonyhall]

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  • Next2osage

    Using TweetDeck on a CP. New version is unusable compared with the older version. U can't write a new post w/out running through a list of modes, can't add & delete #hashtag columns @ will, adding pics or url's to ur tweet is an exercise n Where's Waldo, can't RT & add comment. It is far clumsier than the old version. 
    I've not used a smart phone so can't appreciate if this new process is being done to accommodate smart phone use.   

  • Jon Peltier

    TweetDeck Air and TweetDeck Android have been the only decent clients for Twitter (including Twitter itself). If not for these original TweetDeck versions, I would not have used Twitter much at all. Anything called TweetDeck that has come out since Twitter bought them is crap.

    I'm currently searching for another tolerable Twitter client.

  • jebswebs

    TweetDeck existed before Twitter invented "lists" and TD offered the first alternative to creating specific groups of followers. The new version (at least on the Mac) no longer allows you to create your own group (at least I could not figure out how) but does integrate Twitter Lists as an option. So now if you want to organize your groups, you have to create or add to Lists. The process of adding followers to Lists is not easy to do in TD, you need to do each one separately in a 3-5 step process. Will need to see if it is easier to do in the resident Twitter web interface.

  • Guy Bailey

    The Chrome app is all well and good but the Android app was stunning but they let it whither on the vine

    I can highly recommend Plume for android users in Tweetdeck relapse.

  • Chris Xiromeritis

    Twitter is doing to TweetDeck what Facebook did to Snaptu, a Java-based mobile app that worked on Symbian and most non-smartphone platforms.  Snaptu was originally a Twitter app which also added a number of other wigits, like weather, sports scores, subway timetables and eventually a Facebook and LinkedIn app.  Facebook bought Snaptu a couple of years ago and unceremoniously shut down everything except the Facebook app and renamed it to Facebook. :( 

  • Jamie Favreau

    I wish Tweetdeck would keep some of its old features that everyone loved.

  • Richard Bivans

    There is no doubt, that TweetDeck for Android is my favorite and MOST USED app.  This is my preferred method for accessing the twitter/facebook/linkedIn social stream.  I will not be happy looking for another alternative.

  • Scott Peterson

    Tweetdeck is my favorite Twitter client for Android (Tweetbot is my favorite iOS client). The official Twitter client for iOS and Android is not very good IMHO. There are other options I'll have to try out like HootSuite, Slices and Falcon.