Netflix App Not Coming to BlackBerry 10 Anytime Soon

BlackBerry said they'd love one — but Netflix seems to not be moving quickly on a new app.

Sorry BlackBerry users: It seems Netflix won't be coming to your smartphone anytime soon. According to a report by AllThingsD, the streaming movie/movie rental site has no current plans to develop a version of its mobile app for BlackBerry. A spokesperson for BlackBerry told AllThingsD that the ball is truly in Netflix's court. "We’re committed to bringing top titles from around the globe to BlackBerry 10 customers," BlackBerry spokesman Alex Kinsella said. "At this time, it’s in Netflix’s court to join the excitement around BlackBerry 10—we hope they choose to bring a BlackBerry 10 experience to their customers. We’d love to have them."

Netflix fans aren't alone. BlackBerry is also sans an Instagram app—though Tech reported today a repackaged version of the popular picture sharing app is available through BerryThai.

[Photo by Flickr user Lastaii]

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  • David Balme

     So here's a software developer's perspective on this situation.

    I keep hearing that NetFlix won't write a NetFlix application for BB10.

    My answer to that is so what!  They probably don't have the bandwidth to do this.

    This just means that there's now an opportunity for someone else to write this app.

    From what I can gather here (,  Netflix does publish an API to access their services.  Will this API be sufficient to build out a BB10 application.  I don't know.

    Is there anyone in the developer community familiar with both the NetFlix API and the BB10 development environment?

    Seems like you might be a good choice to build out this application! :-)

    The main message to my comment is this:  

    We don't have to rely on either Blackberry or Netflix to build this application.  It can be some other entity with the necessary two skillsets and motivation.

    Who's gonna' do it!  :-)