A North Korean guide uses a pointer at the start of a tour of an historic site.

North Korean commuters pass by propaganda posters in #Pyongyang.

A North Korean commuter walks through Pyongyang.

A view of the skyline in Pyongyang.

Cornbread served in Pyongyang.

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See Instagram Pictures From North Korea (Updated)

Locals aren't allowed to use the service, but some Associated Press staffers have used Instagram to show the insular country.

The strange world of North Korea is now officially available on Instagram—to non-residents of course. Jean Lee, an Associated Press reporter based in Seoul and Pyongyang, sent out Instagram pictures from North Korea on Monday. The photo came after mobile operator Koryolink opened its mobile data services (to foreigners) last week, the Next Web reported.

On her Twitter feed Lee said she was usually free to photograph what she wished while in North Korea. For more photos you can follow her on Instagram here.

[Photos courtesy of Instagram user Jean H. Lee]

Update: A very helpful source at the Associated Press told us that Lee is in fact not the first reporter to use Instagram in North Korea, as this post previously stated. David Guttenfelder, the organization's chief Asia photographer, has been using Instagram for quite a while from North Korea by turning his online laptop into a hotspot to link his iPhone or iPod touch by Wi-Fi.

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