Is Seth MacFarlane's Performance Oscar-Worthy?

He seemed to be doing great until making a joke about eating disorders.

The news that Seth MacFarlane was picked to host this year's Oscars received some skeptical reactions (to put it nicely) at first, but—at least at post time—it seems like the first-time host's opening monologue went over well. A few reactions from the Twittersphere:

Though later in the show, one of the host's jokes about eating disorders and women seemed to fall a bit flat ...

A joke about John Wilkes Booth didn't go over great either ...

Also of note on Twitter, the Academy's official Twitter account made a surprising mention about Seth MacFarlane's joke about cleavage.*

For some post-show reading (or to check out during the commercials), read some of Fast Company's coverage about how the tiniest details can make a project Oscar-worthy, the original real poster for the fake Argo movie during the Iranian hostage crisis and watch all of this year's nominated shorts.

What did you think of MacFarlane? Tell us in the comments.

[Picture courtesy of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences]

(*An earlier version of the post incorrectly identified what the Academy was referencing.)

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  • DUH

    I don't get the uproar over the Lincoln joke it was one of the funnier and well thought out jokes of the night, he also did bring in the best Oscar rating in years even better then Billy Crystal last year. Also what's with that girl tweeting all men aren't funny, I would say gender has as much to do with "funniness" as intelligence.

  • ysbeenews

    Whatever critics say, I throughly enjoyed this year's The Oscars. 

    Seth MacFarlane was hilarious, all the music scores were terrific, and ARGO won the Best Picture. (GREAT!) 
    I slept happily ever after.

  • Matt Bemer

    The Academy's tweet was not about anyone's dress at the Awards. It was about Seth MacFarlane's musical number performed in which he calls out women who have shown their boobs in movies.