U.S. Justice Department Joining Lawsuit Against Lance Armstrong

The disgraced cyclist's lawyers told Reuters on Friday that they are expecting court papers any day now.

He lost his Olympic medals and Tour de France titles, came clean to millions on Oprah, and resigned from the board of his beloved foundation. But Lance Armstrong's downfall apparently isn't over yet: Two days after missing the deadline for a meeting with the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, Lance Armstrong's lawyer told Reuters the Justice Department has joined a whistle-blowing lawsuit against the cyclist.

The lawsuit Armstrong claims that he must pay back the sponsorship money he received while cycling for the U.S. Postal Service team. His lawyers will reportedly argue that the suit was filed after the statue of limitations expired and that the sponsorship contract did not have any clauses in it about doping. One of Armstrong's lawyers told Reuters in a statement: "The Postal Service's own studies show that the service benefited tremendously from its sponsorship—benefits totaling more than $100 million."

What do you think? Should the government proceed with the lawsuit? Or has the saga gone on long enough? Tell us in the comments.

[Photo by Flickr user DFarber]

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  • Musik

    I don't know of any human in history that has been deballed more effectively. Leave him alone.

  • Anna Cummins

    Let's be done with it! Seems like its a race to financial gain! Postal Service is going bankrupt after all. 

  • Joelogo

    B.S.  Lance systemically defrauded his sponsors (to his great financial gain), coerced his teammates and made a mockery of professional cycling and his fans.  I hope the Federal government takes him to the cleaners and then audits him up the a$$.