Google Glass Will Be On Sale By End Of 2013, Cost Less Than $1,500

Cutting-edge augmented reality can be yours for about the price of a Chromebook.

It's official: Google has announced its cutting-edge Google Glass augmented-reality wearable augmented-reality video headset will be available for purchase by the end of 2013, for under $1,500, the Verge notes.

Google has steadily been ramping up promotion for the headset/eyewear since it first issued $1,500 pre-orders of Glass last June for Google I/O attendees. We've since seen them out in the wild everywhere from the fashion runway to the NYC subway.

It's likely we'll soon hear more about what the mass-consumer version of Glass will look like: Earlier this week, the New York Times reported that Google's design team is currently in talks with online glasses company Warby Parker to design fashionable versions of Glass we'll actually want to wear.

So whadya think: is that price tag too steep? Just right?

[Image: Google]

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  • Blanco Ledoux

    Yes I for the average buyer and for someone like myself in college When will big companies think about the consumers who wants to invest in their products but cannot afford the steep prices , would look elsewhere or wait to buy same product a r a lower cost somewhere else .

  • caleb

    i think the glasses should be like rgular glasses and it can turn darker brighter it is so you have bigger screen and more room to add stuff so it has a better quality then bring the cost down by at least $500 in the beginning and a lot of peole will buy it plus people who needs glasses can just where those so they are not made fun of

  • James LaRosa

    Price will be around $250-$500. I went to a Google Glass meetup and to manufacture the Glass is costs under $200. Also when was the last time Google wanted to make money from their HARDWARE. They put the cost down so its affordable. In the end they want you to use Android, all they want with their hardware is to make sure people buy them for the low price point so they can use Android.

  • Double Standards

    bunch of idiots running around recording everyone else. 1 more reason not to go outside. 

  • Paul van Oosten

    Much too expensive. 
    It is something you want to use, and not use it to show off. At least not me. 
    I want the functionality, not use it to gain status.. That is what losers do and want with it.

  • Steve Schmidt

    I would love to see the real use of the device in everyone's life. The device is good but price need to down.

  • Brian Beepat

    Price is just right...I think it promotes a sense of prestige so that when you own one you won't want to treat it like a cheap set of sun glasses and toss it on a side after a week of usage.