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Anonymous Is Hacked By Rustle League

Take a whirlwind tour through this week of much hackery!

This was the sight that greeted the 160,000 followers of one of Anonymous's myriad Twitter accounts earlier today. The hackers' official Twitter feed had itself been hacked, by a group with which it has collaborated before, on a teenage mercy mission and which goes by the name of Rustle League. The infiltrators announced their deed with chutzpah and some chess symbols.

Two hours later, Anonymous had restored order to their official chaos and disorder mouthpiece. (Memo to Anonymous: have you changed your password? It's useful to use a combination of numbers, letters and symbols, and P@55w0rD won't do.)

There has been hackery everywhere this week, from the lower level, such as Burger King's Twitter account, which may have brought a smile to your face. And then there's the mid-level hack, which affects normal people on an everyday level—both Facebook and Apple fell victim to what may or may not have been a crime ring from Eastern Europe who are in the business of industrial secrets and, maybe user passwords. And then there's the top-grade stuff, which is the stuff that 21st-century John Le Carre novels should be made of, which involves government agencies and media organizations and which may or may not be down to the inhabitants of a large, unprepossessing white tower block on the outskirts of Shanghai.

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  • A-Voice

    You are all fools listening to any story that sounds plausible - anonymous is an idea more than it is a hacker collective.  If you don't know what the NDAA, CISPA, Indect, or who Bradley Manning is, they are consistently raising awareness of social injustice and main stream media  falsehoods.  Stop judging and start investigating.

  • Insanerandomizerinc

    Its funny people that people get mad at others for doing something they can not do themselves.

  • Suckmydick

    Anonymous is a piece of shit. Why does anyone care? They only appeal to 12 year olds.


    Says the guy with suckmydick as a name you fuckin moron.They are agaisnt westboro hate group,they are for your freedoms on the net without control so the government can just step in and cease your shit anytime they feel they want to with no excuse.THats what annon is fighting not to appeal to 12 years old people like you dickface.How about reading something other than a goddamn porno mag ever so often you might learn something all you see is hacker and make assumptions.They are for YOU stupid WAKE UP

  • Darth Sidious

    Kind of like how they helped us when the hacked Sony and those other corporations and released everyone's personal information including credit card numbers? OH YEEEEEEAAAAAHHH... THEY REALLY HELPED US ON THAT ONE. Anon is nothing but cyber terrorists and MOST (99.99% of population) people smile when they get arrested. 12 years olds are INDEED their only fans. Know why? Because 12 year olds don't know anything.

  • MzPsychosis

    Actually, the events you spoke of were done by LulzSec, namely "Sabu". If you're going to state specific things, make sure to have your facts straight.

  • j

     It looks like the only think you know how to be at your age is gullible.  Anonymous has exposed secrets to the public and has shut down world-wide child pornography groups.  The powerful groups they piss off by exposing them want to turn the public against them and you're the fool who chooses to believe it.  The group has done much good and has exposed corruption around the world.

  • Kingwishbone

    You realize that you are an idiot right and that they are friends with the people who own that account right?  Internet harder fool.

  • Darth Sidious

    No. But I think it's common knowledge to most that Anon consists of losers and dbags.

  • MaimsJeweler

    You don't suppose this could be one of the many faux-hacks we've seen? Anonymous does love free publicity and supporting other hacker groups.