An Emoji Translation Of "Moby Dick" Is Now Part Of The Library Of Congress Catalog

An emoji-tastic version of the classic novel has garnered itself a spot in the Library of Congress.

The Library of Congress Tuesday inducted a new version of the classic tome Moby Dick into its archives. The twist? This version is written entirely in emoji, or Japanese emoticons.

Emoji Dick began in 2009 as a Kickstarter project by creator Fred Benenson (a Kickstarter employee himself). Benenson took to Amazon's Mechanical Turk to crowdsource a translation of the Herman Melville epic, which is upwards of 212,000 words.

Emoji Dick is now the first book penned in emoji to reside in the Library of Congress catalog.

[Image: Flickr user cimere]

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  • Veritas LanguageSolutions

    I wonder how they dealt with all the cetology terminology or the use of various parts of whales on this occasion! Great effort!!!