Yahoo Makes Over Its Homepage, In Bid For More Traffic

Yahoo has redesigned its landing website page for the first time in four years.'s homepage has had a refresh and will be rolling out across the U.S. throughout today. The design is all about keeping visitors more engaged with Yahoo and thus using its services for longer so they can be exposed to more revenue-generating advertising.

The redesign has seen Yahoo adopt a more modern look, with slightly cleaner graphics and the ditching of some accoutrements of old Net tech (for example, the site's retro "make Y! your homepage" hyperlink is now a proper HTML button).

Bloomberg recently reported that CEO Marissa Meyer is pushing for more social interaction on her company's site, remarking that Yahoo needs "to have sharing built [in] as a fundamental component." At first glance, it's not easy to see if the new design, which you may not be able to see immediately, incorporates this.

Does Yahoo stand a chance of becoming relevant again? Is the idea of a Net "homepage" just too 1999?

[Image: Flickr user yodelanecdotal]

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  • Jackie

     OH stop it.marrisa  myers is only trying to make it good for all of us.dont forget we can allways leave yahoo.and if we dont like it .we can always  return. (MAYBE ) its allso possible we can push ourselves out of somethink good.changes take time nobody likes changes.i for one am willing to stick it 

  • Jstatrp2theZoo

    This woman CEO is making things worse, shes trying to get more traffic on yahoo and all she has done is make it worse. I left yahoo BECAUSE OF THE NEW CHANGES, all she seems to have done is add more worthless clutter and more distracting adds with a hiddeous cartoon type layout. I left for google and have no plans to return. Im tired of having to wade threw so much BULLSHIT to read the news or see news videos.

  • Karwimmer

    Fix the left side of the page - I want to edit it with MY FAVORITES not yours.  I liked the old page better.

  • Md Zeke

    How do I get the old design back!!!! Don't like having this dropped on me..may have to switch to Google!!!

  • Gaurav Bagdi

    Loved the new design, and interface. As i already said, "Simplicity in Motion". No wonder, Ms. Mayer worked round the clock with her team on this. Let's see where Yahoo will go from here.
    Being a fan of Yahoo Inc., since i was a little kid. It can only bring joy to me, to finally see that Yahoo is doing something about getting back their lost crown. Trying, to say the least.