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Cyber Attack Retaliation Plans Expected From White House

Following accusations of a Chinese-led cyber attack, it's expected the White House will act.

The Associated Press is reporting that the Obama administration is going to reveal how it will retaliate in the wake of a cyber attack on U.S. properties. The punitive measures may include fines, penalties, trade restrictions.

The counter-espionage measures are seen as a response to what the New York Times has said is a persistent and aggressive cyber attack led by the Chinese military with the goal of stealing U.S. corporate and governmental secrets. The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal reported recently they'd been hacked by Chinese coders. As recently as yesterday Apple revealed that it had been targeted with the same hack exploit that recently affected Facebook, although Chinese involvement has only been inferred in these cases.

Chinese government officials, meanwhile, insist they are not behind a spate of recent hacks.

[Image: Flickr user acmoraes]