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See the latest Internet joke in what has been a prank-filled day.

What Happens When A Famous Restaurant Doesn't Buy Its Domain Name

On a day when Jeep's Twitter feed was hacked and MTV's was fake-hacked, a New York-based programmer became an instant Internet sensation on Tuesday after he pulled a prank of his own on his recently purchased Internet domain name: The website has the same name as the famous TV chef Guy Fieri's New York restaurant.

The fake menu includes items like "Football: The Meal," which is described as "Warm broke in hamburgers, served in a clear plastic bag enclosed in a larger, black trash bag." Fieri's restaurant became a mainstream meme after it was slammed by a New York Times' restaurant critic, sparking nationwide debate about the Times Square joint.

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  • Dultzy

    I am new to this domain name world but how was he able to purchase a domain that is already taken?  What would have to be done different?

  • Dave

    Was this article supposed to be informative in some way? Was it intended to tell businesses how to avoid losing branding and marketing advantages or was it merely intended to lead into copying and pasting some Twitter posts? I'd like to thank the author for writing two paragraphs that really don't say anything. 

  • Gnarlodious

    A pretty funny satire of excessively pretentious and verbose restaurant menus. Bravo!

  • Haider

    This is brilliant. Celebs need to watch their backs when they get too big and forget to stay digital. 

  • Tom Rolfson

    This would have been a brand management fail 10 years ago, in 2013 it's inexcusable. Everyone from marketing to legal should have known better than to let this slip through the cracks. If you're part of the marketing or legal team for ANY business... assume it's your responsibility to check for and protect trade names, particularly an exact match to the DBA your business uses. 

  • MicroSourcing

    It still remains to be seen whether this is good or bad publicity for the restaurant, but the bottom line is that the restaurant wasn't able to take full control  of its brand.