Robots Cut Hospital Infections By 50%

The Xenex devices use high blasts of UV light to cut back on infections.

A robot first introduced in late 2010 has proven effective at helping hospitals cut costs and save lives by blasting ultraviolet light to clean rooms and help prevent life-threatening infections. The UV Disinfection System, made by Xenex, is credited with decreasing Clostridium infections at St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center hospital in Syracuse since last summer, the Post-Standard reported.

As the company points out, UV light has been known to kill bacteria since the 1950s and UV sterilization devices have long been used to protect water sources, food and more. Their robots (which ran St. Joseph's $120,000 for two) use higher blasts of UV light, making it possible for them to clean rooms quickly rather than having to be on for a prolonged period of time. Which means the robots (which resemble R2-D2) can be moved from room to room, for a quick, effective and apparently price-friendly clean.

The Xenex machines are just one of the many robots helping doctors and patients.

[Photo courtesy of Xenix YouTube video]

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  • Odorscience Disinfect

    The company must have published these #'s.  50% reduction in what "germs."  UV light, according to the EPA is a low level disinfectant.  Forget about their claims against Virus.  UV just does not work!  What jerk spends $80,000 on an unproven technology that has been peer reviewed for the last 50 years proving that it is not intended to be used this way!.  I did not know light can bend corners did you?