Obama Administration To Create Project To Map The Human Brain

The project is expected to be introduced in the administration's budget proposal next month.

The Obama administration plans to include a new project in its upcoming budget that would work to map the human brain in a similar way to the Human Genome Project's mapping of genomes, the New York Times reported. According to the report, the project is currently named The Brain Activity Map and will be a partnership between federal agencies, foundations, neuroscientists, and nanoscientists. It is expected to come with a hefty price tag, though it is not immediately clear how much of that funding will be federal and how much will be private.

The information from the project, the administration reportedly hopes, will be used to help understand diseases like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's as well as develop artificial intelligence. And if it's anything like the Human Genome Project, it could help create thousands of jobs along the way.

[Photo by Flickr user _DJ_]

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  • Zach VanNatta

    Well, as a metric system advocate ( reddit.com/r/metric ), I am liking this new focus on STEM from the BO administration. Our recent petition got 40K signatures ( wh.gov/UazQ ) and hopefully this news is indicative of the response they will have to metrication. It's great that we are looking to turn out the newest advancedĀ scientificĀ findings, but it doesn't mean much if the public can't interpret the results.