LinkedIn Jobs Gets A Makeover To Make Your Job Search Easier

New advanced search features let users vet jobs based on country, zip code, salary, and more.

LinkedIn has revamped LinkedIn Jobs with a new Advanced Search feature to make it easier to look for jobs based on specific criteria, such as country, zip code, industry, and function. LinkedIn Premium members get access to an additional Advanced Search feature that lets users search for jobs that meet their salary requirements, as well as extra tips on how to search.

All members get a couple of additional features in the new LinkedIn Jobs, including a way to track the newest job listings from previously saved searches and a bookmarking feature that lets users save and keep track of particularly salient jobs.

LinkedIn says the new LinkedIn Jobs will roll out to all members in the coming weeks.

[Image: LinkedIn]

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  • Awasthi

    " based on specific criteria, that lets users search for jobs that meet their: Technical , Financial  suitability - requirements, as well as extra tips on how to search , shall be welcome move . However , as of now , I am not sure and  not got even a single acknowledgement  receiving the Resume / suitability /acceptability and even  if the person is entitled from certain country to certain country !!!!!!!!Secondly , one is asked to Submit on Line / asked very typical questions , as to how much Salary you want at USA OR any other country  ! How can I be sure about answering this question which could be 100% wrong ! They should mention , this is "equal opportunity without differentiation of Cast, creed & Color  & as per that countries std. of living ! Approx. Salary for a particular post will be in the range of ...........$ .............! That makes a sense . Secondly without filling the filling the figure, ON LINE ,the screen will not move . Then what is the fun of posting your detailed Profile with Like din !  I don't know , what I am saying is relevant OR not but I said very frankly , what I hv faced & felt !  Thanks . 

  • Gwd

    Ditto,  I like the fact that they are listening.  Relevance and responsive.    What you need to be competitive.  Kudos

  • Steven Easton

    Great function , this has ade everything so much quicker , goo work ,well done

  • Judithellepola

    So so happy at last can view opportunities to suit our resume.  Thanks linkedin job search